Presentation Guidelines

1.  Presentation

  • Total 20 minutes – 1 minute for set-up, 14 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A.A Bell will be rung once on 12th minute to notify the team that 2 minutes is left for their presentation time, and rung twice on 14th minute to mark the end of the presentation and start of Q&A.
  • 1 minute will be allocated to each team for set up before the start of their presentation.
  • Instructions and timing will be carried out by the panel of assessors.
  • Comments and feedbacks from observing teams on the presentations would not be entertained.
  • Only team members up on stage doing the presentation are allowed to answer questions.
  • Project scoring and decision made by the panel of assessors will be final.


2.  Language

  • Only two languages are accepted for presentation:
    • English
    • Mandarin
  • The proceedings of ICQCC 2018 will be conducted in English.
  • Full English scripts for non-English presentations are required to be submitted to ICQCC 2018 secretariat at no later than 22 September 2018.

3.  Equipment

  • Laptop will  be  provided for  each  stream.  Kindly bring  along  a  USB  thumbdrive with  your presentation slides to load up onto the laptop provided.
  • Presentation Slides are to be in 16:9 format
  • Should you wish to use your own laptop, please do/bring along the necessary:
    • Adapters for projection (the connector used is HDMI)
    • Power cables
    • Deactivate any security function or screensaver that may cause projection issues.
  • Laptop are to be operated by presenters or team members.
  • Projectors and microphones will be provided.
  • Electricity in Singapore is 230 Volts at 50 Hertz.
  • Sockets are for Type G plugs.