Final presentation report guidelines

1.  Submission and Due Dates

  • No Word report required. Only PowerPoint (PPT) presentation slides are required.
  • Presentation slides and scripts for non-English presentations to be submitted to ICQCC 2018 secretariat at no later than 22 September 2018.
  • Please have a backup copy of the presentation slide on the day of presentation.

2.  Presentation Slide Format

  • PPT or PDF format only.
  • Presentation Slides are to be in 16:9 format
  • Language for Presentation Slides: English only.
  • Font Type: Arial, Size: 15
  • No limitation to number of slides. Teams to take note that presentation time is strictly 14 minutes,
  • regardless of the number of slides. As a guide, 25 – 35 slides (excluding annexes and/or
  • appendices) are adequate for a good presentation.

3.  Slide Layout

  • 1st slide to be cover slide. Please indicate the following:
    • Presentation Title and Sub Title
    • Name of Team
    • Name of presenters/team members
    • Designation of presenters/team members
    • Name of Company/Organisation
    • Country
  • 2nd slide to reflect content page.
  • Please indicate on each slide on the top right corner, the criteria code and the description.