1. Participation: < 50 points
  2. Bronze: 50 to <60 points
  3. Silver: 60 to <70 points
  4. Gold: 70 points to 100 points
  5. Star: maximum of 10 teams to be conferred during ICQCC 2018 Gala Dinner (minimum score of 85 points to qualify)


  1. 1 x Most Innovative Solution
  2. 1 x Most Productive Solution (1x)
  3. 1 x Most Impactful Solution (1x)
  4. 13 x Best-in-Country

    • Only 1 award per economy/country
    • Top 5 scores per country will be shortlisted (in cases where 5th and 6th place scoring is a tie, the 6th place team shall be included as well)
    • The teams need to achieve a minimum final score of 80 points
    • The final winner per country will be determined through a consensus meeting by the lead assessors, whom will appraise the shortlisted projects based on a holistic assessment – of results, impact, innovation, productivity improvement level

  5. Best in whole of ICQCC 2018 (1x)

    • To be drawn down from the pool of shortlisted teams for the country-based Platinum Award
    • Lead Assessors Consensus Meeting will deliberate on the most deserving teams