Most Useful Apps for Economics Students

Have you ever noticed that you buy nothing, but your money goes away somewhere? If you try to avoid these situations, collecting paychecks and writing down all data in your notebook, and it doesn’t work, so you need to review the list of useful apps that will help you save your money.


It’s a simple application that lets you skip the configuration step and start accounting your incomes and expenses immediately after downloading. There are two buttons on the main screen — plus and minus. You need to click on one of them, enter the amount, and select the desired category. If you want to make your list of categories and account money in different currencies, you must buy a paid version. All data can be protected with a password.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This app has its own methodology for budget maintenance. The developers believe that incomes and expenses accounting should be started with planning. While getting your income, you need to enter it in the application and divide it into categories that each user adjusts manually: how much money you are going to spend on food, how much on the rent, and so on. You have to enter the expenses during the month and change the budget according to the circumstances. For instance, if you spent more money on something than you had planned before. You have to install a desktop version to use this program. The mobile version will not be enough. But you can keep the family budget in the program.

Cost Track

The app allows for maintaining several budgets at the same time. For example, you can create a few separate pages with food and clothing expenses. The monthly costs are displayed on the circular diagram, where you can see how much money you have spent on each category and for the specified period. You can add a comment, location, photo, and even audio to each expense if you want to remember what was purchased but had no time to write. The audio function will be especially useful for busy students who have time for nothing because of their intensive study. They ask for the help of academic writers online to cope with their homework, and this app will help them not to be broke.

Money Manager EX

It’s a free, open-source service that can be improved by everyone willing to. The service has been translated into 30 languages. Here you can plan your budget for a month and a year, set up the automatic entry of regular expenses, and make a list of your spending categories. There are necessary reports, including income, payments by categories, and budget implementation. You can also make various sub-accounts — cash and cards. It’s convenient to keep track of your debts — how much you have borrowed or lent or how much you will spend on online help with science homework.


This simple application enters bank information automatically into categories according to your previous transaction. You can see how much money has already been spent in a month, a week and a day, as well as spent in each category. The app collects all payments by cards and sorts them by categories, but you need to add cash payments manually.